3 Reasons Why Your Dentist Will Be Happy You Have A Dental Card

For some reason, the belief has begun to exist that dismisses dental cards as something only for the impoverished, the desperate or those who cannot afford insurance. This is a particularly strange situation, given that these methods of protection against expensive dental bills are designed to suit all wallets and lifestyles, and can actually be more useful that full blown dental insurance in many cases. That makes these rumours, and the general idea behind them online, to be difficult to see past, and potentially damaging to the modern family who may be overlooking the potential savings.

One such myth about these dental cards is that they are not liked by dentists. People assumes dentists will see them as second rate, preferring insurance and ushering people towards more conventional methods of payment. This is, as stated, a myth. It has no basis in reality, and is more likely to be information peddled by an insurance industry concerned about its own profit margin than to have any actual basis and fact in reality.

There are several reasons a dentist may like, and perhaps even prefer, the owner of such a plan:

1. Quicker money

Owning a card allows you a set percentage off of the cost of dental fees, which means you meet the rest of the costs yourself. This means there is little lengthy claims process, something that most dentists — and in fact any other health professional — will be well too aware of and deeply wary of. The quicker they can get their money the more they can focus on their patients, so the lack of a long claims process is very attractive indeed.

2. It shows you’re thinking

Many a dentist will have seen people who are not prioritising the issue of oral health when it comes to themselves or their family. Owning such a method of protection means you are demonstrating you have thought about these things and they’re important to you.

3. It means you will pay.

Too many health professionals will have experienced people skipping out on their bills and never settling their accounts, so they’re going to be naturally more open to the idea of people who have invested in their own healthcare and set something aside. A dental card brings a sense of reassurance and reliability to the entire situation, and that applies to both the dentists and to you. If you’ve thought far enough ahead to have one, you’re far less likely to skip out on the remainder of the bill.

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