Is It Possible To Find An Affordable Root Canal?

The discovery that you need a root canal has two implications. The first is a positive one, as much as you dread the procedure itself, it must be attractive to look toward the end of what has undoubtedly been a lot of pain for yourself. The second is usually a financial concern, and after scanning the amount a dentist has informed you will be required, you may find yourself wondering if it’s at all possible to find an affordable root canal.

Let’s begin by saying that it isn’t simple. A root canal is expensive for many reasons, but what you are paying for primarily is the amount of time an expensively-trained dentist has to spend with you and you alone. If he or she can’t see any other patients in that time, prices are going to be high as they need to recoup the losses from the low turnaround of patients. This alone means that root canals will never be cheap, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to find an affordable root canal. Here’s a few options:

1. Talk to a dental school

Dental schools may be able to halve the amount the procedure costs. All students will usually be overseen by a qualified and competent dentist or orthondontist so you’re in good hands overall, though it can be difficult to surrender your mouth over to someone inexperienced and unqualified. If you can get over that fear then you may well half your costs, but if not…

2. Dental cards

A dental card allows you to effectively buy a saving upfront. Say you buy a card entitling you to 30% off certain procedures, of which a root canal is one such, then a $1000 bill would become $700, but you won’t have paid anything like $300 for the cost of the card. The savings can be impressive, so it’s well worth considering.

3. Ask around

It’s always worth getting as many quotes as possible to see if you can lower the price. Run the question online, talk to family and friends. It may even be worth travelling a little to find a more affordable option, though of course it is important to make sure you are factoring the cost of any travel costs to any potential savings.

4. Ask to pay in installments.

Though this may not save you any money overall, it should make it easier to finance the treatment you need on a gradual basis rather than all at once.

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