The Rise of Affordable Dental Plans

Dental costs have gone up steadily over the past decade or so, and our health insurance situation has changed drastically for many people. As far as dental coverage is concerned, many people have received their dental insurance coverage through their employer sponsored health insurance plan.

Now, many American workers are losing their employer sponsored coverage because of Obamacare making it more affordable to let their employees get their own insurance coverage the the exchanges with Obamacare.

People are shocked at the costs, which can run anywhere from $80 to $200 a month for family coverage. Under most employer health plans, the employer picked up part of the premium cost for the dental coverage.

As a result of this, and simply most costly premiums across the board it is estimated that roughly 45% of Americans have no dental coverage at all.

To the rescue is the discounted dental plan, which makes it possible for more people to afford coverage. The way that it works is that the premiums are lower because the model works more efficiently and the cost are lower across the board. The discount dental company and the consumer share the cost of the coverage and there is less administration, giving a lower cost model for everyone to work with.

In a discount plan there is no waiting period for new customers, and with the traditional plans, there can be as much as a 6 month to a year wait for most types of dental coverage. The price is lower too, where a family might only pay a $35 monthly premium compared to a $180 monthly cost for a traditional plan.

Discount dental plans have no cap either, whereas traditional plans usually have a cap of $1,000 to $1,500 per year.

More and more dentists are seeing the the advantages of discount plans too, as it is bringing in a higher volume of business due to the lower costs. The rules of economics still work, and people will flock to the plan that costs less.

Families are finding that the entire arrangement is very affordable and now the whole family can be covered for a fraction of the cost that a traditional plan would cost. With a growing family that has growing dental needs with children, the discount dental model has just begun to really take off. Now everyone can afford dental care, and everyone is happy about it.

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