Why You Should Have Dental Insurance

The United States has a difficult time with insurance. Up until recently, insurance was often incredibly expensive if you wanted it to actually do anything, and could deny your claim for almost any reason at all. Now that the Affordable Care Act has passed, many people can afford insurance.

Yet that doesn’t mean the insurance plans people can afford will actually cover everything. There are a number of plans that don’t cover dental work. This isn’t particularly surprising, since the more things an insurance plan covers, the more expensive it is. Many people don’t mind not having dental insurance, since it costs them less to pay for the insurance over all. They figure that as long as they brush their teeth and practice good oral hygiene, they’ll be just fine. Even if they wind up needing dental work of some kind, they can simply pay for it out of pocket. It shouldn’t be that expensive, right?

That is not the case! The real truth is that you never know what kind of dental work you’re going to need. Even if you practice perfect oral hygiene, even if you’re lucky enough to never get any kind of cavity what so ever, there’s still the chance of accident. You could trip, fall, and smack your head on the ground, only to find that the impact knocked several teeth loose. Then you have to go to the dentist, but since you don’t have dental insurance, it costs you far more money than you were prepared to pay.

Even leaving aside the possibility of accident, the simple truth is that there’s no such thing as perfect oral hygiene. Tooth decay occurs from a combination of diet and genetics, and even if you’re brushing your teeth every day and flossing as well, you might still wind up with a cavity. As you get older, your teeth are more and more likely to start having problems.

The plain and simple truth is that you need dental insurance just as much as you need regular health insurance. You need dental insurance for the exact same reasons you need health insurance. You never know when something like an accident or simple bad genetics is going to cause you massive tooth problems. So be willing to pay a little bit more to carry dental insurance. It might be a literal life saver, and then you’ll be glad you paid the cost!

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